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Repels Water, Increases Scratch Resistance, Anti-Static and Hydrophobic properties. Seals and Protects for Years

• Durable scratch resistant coating
• Water repellent
• Antistatic properties
• Improves visibility during rain on windshield glass.

Glass, Mirrors, Tile, and Ceramics.

800 to 1000 sq. ft./ gal. Coverage will vary depending on the porosity of the surface.

Avoid excessive temperatures. Use within 2 years of date on container.

Always wear safety goggles or splash shield to avoid splashing into your eyes. Do not wear contacts without eye protection. This product does not pose any harmful effects when used according to manufacturer’s instructions.

In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water for 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.

In case of skin contact, wash affected area thoroughly with soap and water. Wash contaminated clothing before reuse.

If inhaled, move to fresh air and obtain medical attention if needed.

If accidentally swallowed, do NOT induce vomiting. Drink 2 glasses of water and get medical attention immediately.

Surface must be clean, dry, and in sound condition. Remove all oil, dust, grease, dirt, and other foreign material using NGT Safe Clean – rinse off with water. Once dry, do a final clean with Isoproponal 99.9% alcohol using a lint free microfiber cloth to ensure that the surface is absolutely clean and ready to accept the coating. Use painters tape to mask off any adjacent areas you do not want coated.

• Due to the wide variety of surfaces, always test NGT Hydrophobic Glass Coating in an inconspicuous location to ensure performance and compatibility with the surface.
• Shake container thoroughly before & during application.
• Make certain surface has been prepared properly and is clean and dry.
• Air and surface temperatures should be between 45°F and 105°F RH 90% or less.
• Use a lint free microfiber cloth to apply. Pour or pump spray coating onto the micro fiber cloth until saturated but not dripping.
• In a crisscross pattern (horizontal and vertical) wipe a thin coat onto surface making certain to get complete coverage.
• Let dry 2-5 minutes (depending on temperature) then buff out any slight hazing using a clean lint free micro fiber cloth.

Drying time is temperature, humidity and film thickness dependent.
Dry to touch: usually 3-5 minutes.
VOC: Zero g/l

NGT Coatings guarantees this product to be defect free. Any material that is proven to be defective will be replaced in a like quantity by the Manufacturer within 1 year of date of purchase. Seller will provide 100% replacement product for 1 year from the date of purchase. Seller must be provided with:
• Proof of purchase receipt.
• Evidence that it has been applied according to the instructions on the container, the data sheet, and instructions and guidelines posted at www.NanoGlobalTech.com.
This warranty is non-transferable. This warranty does not cover wear and tear of the substrate, only the product itself. Any warranty claim must be made in writing and sent to Seller with proof of purchase receipt, supporting materials, access to the property for inspection and testing as requested by Seller. Seller will thereafter provide a 100% replacement product. This warranty is given in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The remedy stated herein is an exclusive remedy and Seller shall not be responsable for any other damages, including labor or any incidental, consequential, special or punitive damages, whether based on breach of express or implied warranty, negligence, strict liability or other legal theory.