Protects concrete and masonry surfaces from destructive forces including water, chloride, iron penetration, food, beverages, acids, bird & animal waste, salt, gum, graffiti and many others.

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Protection from salt spray, acid from food/beverages & waste, gum, graffiti, water, and chloride ion.

Home patios, garage floors, concrete and masonry surfaces.

400 to 600 sq. ft./gal. Coverage will vary depending on the porosity and texture of the surface.

• Always wear OSHA approved 191.134 and ANSI Z88 2 respiratory protection.
• Enclosed work areas should always be equipped with excessive ventilation. If inhaled, move to fresh air and call physician immediately if physical difficulties occur.
• Wear vinyl-rubber gloves and other skin protection to avoid contact. In the event of contact with skin, wash skin thoroughly with soap and wáter.
• Chemical safety goggles or splash shields are required. Do not wear contacts without eye protection. Immediately flush eyes with water for 15 minutes after contact and get medical attention.
• If accidentally swallowed, rinse mouth thoroughly and obtain immediate medical attention.

Surface must be clean, dry, and in sound condition. Remove all oil, dust, grease, dirt, and other foreign material. Any existing surface that has retained oil must be completely free from any further wicking action as this will prevent a bond and the coating will delaminate. IMPORTANT: remove any silicon. NGT Concrete Coating will not adhere to silicones or polymer modified grouts.

Avoid excessive temperatures. Use within 2 years of date on container.

NGT Concrete Coating can be applied with an acetone/alcohol proof pump sprayer with a grey or red fan tip or rolled on using a high-density, ultra smooth roller.
• With either method of application, always cover any adjacent surface to keep them free of drips or accidental coating.
• Shake the contents thoroughly in the container to resuspend the particles that have settled to the bottom (typically 1/4¨ of buildup will be present at the bottom of the can).
• Ensure proper ventilation and make certain the ambient temperature is between 45°F and 105°F, 90% RH or less and that there is no chance of rain for a minimum of 5 hours after the estimated time of completion of the coating process. Take necessary precautions for natural elements.
• Allow 7 days for product to fully cure before allowing liquids or acids to come in contact. If graffiti occurs, wait until coating cures for 7 days before attempting to remove. Use NGT Coatings Graffiti Remover.

Use a good quality acetone/alcohol proof pump sprayer equipped with a grey or red fan tip, (do not use standard tip most spray wands come with. Only red or grey). Hold the tip square to the floor or surface being coated. Hold the tip at a distance of 10´to 12´off the surface and spray the surface in a cross pattern; “left to right”, then “up and down”, or in a circular motion.
Do not apply too thick as this will cause puddles and surface tension resulting in bubbles or delamination. Do not apply a second coat unless there is a flaw in your application. If second coat is needed, wait 24 hours, sand with 220 grit sandpaper and clean the floor of dust before reapplying.

Use a high-density, ultra smooth roller. Roll NGT Concrete Coating on in a cross pattern “left to right” then “up and down”, always keeping a wet edge. Make certain the roller is completely saturated at all times to ensure a coverage at 2.5-3.5 WFT.

Drying time is temperature WFT, and humidity dependent. Dry to touch: 2-3 hours. Thorough: 3-5 hours. Walk on: 5-8 hours. Full cure: 7 days.

Clean tools and flush equipment with acetone thoroughly before the product dries. Once dry, solvents will not crean off the product.
VOC: Less than 100 g/L.

Coating Solution UN# 1139, Class d3, Packing Group III.

NGT guarantees this coating to be defect free and any material that is proven to be defective will be replaced in a like quantity by the manufacturer within 10 years of date of purchase. Seller will provide 100% replacement product for product found to be defective for 3 years from the date of purchase, then prorated each of the remaining 7 years under the following terms, Seller must be provided with:
• Proof of purchase receipt.
• Evidence that it has been applied according to the instructions on this container, the data sheet, and instructions and guidelines posted at
This warranty is non-transferable. This warranty does not cover wear and tear of the substrate, only the product itself. Any warranty claim must be made in writing and sent to Seller with proof of purchase receipt, supporting materials and access to the property for inspection and testing as requested by Seller.
Seller will thereafter provide 100% replacement product for product found to be defective for 3 years from date of purchase then prorated each of the remaining 7 years. This warranty is given in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
The remedy stated herein is an exclusive remedy and Seller shall not be responsable for any other damages, including labor or any incidental, consequential, special or punitive damages, whether based on breach of express or implied warranty, negligence, strict liability or other legal theory.